Hey, gang! John here... Sorry to interrupt your reading of the strip, but something very big has just happened and I need your help.

My car just died. The head gasket blew on it and it's just not worth fixing. It was a 2001 model, so it's earned a rest.

However, that leaves me without transportation. I'm going to be getting a car, but it's going to wipe me out. I really need to sell some items in order to make up that loss.

I've got lots of original art from the strip that needs new homes, as well as books and comics. This stuff needs to move, and it's pretty critical right now! I'll be putting up a list of items and prices very shortly, but if there's a particular item you're interested in, let me know.

Thanks in advance! And now, I return to your regularly scheduled comic, from the point of interruption...


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